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Follow international trend of kang have vacation, open China, raising a new chapter in the hotel

Date: 2019-10-27

Kang tourism mainly divided into two categories: health and spa.Transition from keeping in good health to a spa generally show is from the general of the body and mind, to the cultivation of the relaxed lifestyle to treatment intervention, it is a trend for the treatment of advanced.

By kang to raise the integration of tourism and health level, kang raise tourism can be divided into more than 15 major categories, the more medical guide of tourism, need to give a more professional medical guidance, because the guest is a part of the spa tourism passive improvement, at the same time also to the requirement of curative effect will be higher, also requires more professional facilities and equipment.

According to the two British scholar Voigt and Pforr (2014, pp. 292-296) published in 2014 about kang theory in the tourism work, kang have resort main resources combination can be divided into the following eight kinds: natural resources, historical and cultural resources, professional team, with the raising activities, for the purpose of a certain cure effect of the project, community thinking and healthy living atmosphere, kang raise guiding facilities and Kang Yanghe combination of other formats.

A, kang tourism development process

As more and more consumers blend in healthy way of life, a lot of travel and hotel companies will be health into their products, and seize the kang raise passenger consumption hot spots.

The world association of preserve one's health and HHOW health health tourism hotel alliance institutions such as like this: it is a kind of mental health and to maintain and strengthen a person to travel.

Kang tourist groups can be divided into two types, one is to improve their own status and voluntarily choose to participate in kang have travel group, main, keep customers (Primary wellness travelers), another is based on tourism as the main purpose, and health as the Secondary goal customer group, Secondary kang keep customers (Secondary wellness travelers).89% for kang to raise tourist groups in tourism as the main purpose, however, use tourism as a secondary purpose of guests tend to have higher average cost.More than the cost of the combination of statistical data for two kinds of customers.

But as kang raise tourism consumption become widely covered areas, far more than the traditional tourism consumption, development, a tourist can effectively promote the economic growth of local areas, also creates health related enterprises and the surrounding business opportunities, make its benefit.

More is, with the development of kang have tourism, health facilities have enrichment;From a single retreats, spa facilities and clinic, development become integrated, accommodation, spa, resort and medical facilities more integrated.