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Operating a hotel: the core is to serve

Date: 2019-10-22

Five-star luxury and tall, the adornment of the rich cultural background, spacious room, exquisite interiors are let a person shine at the moment, but the only feeling is wrong, the distance between you and the hotel staff is very far.

In one day in 2018 I made a reservation in chengdu a mid-range hotel chain, was shocked by his sale price, basic room is in 800 yuan, basic keep in the peak season one thousand yuan between, and this is a common intermediate model economy hotel, house prices have caught up with a lot of five-star hotel.I chat with hotel general manager, the store's success thanks to the advantageous geographical position, and it is important the spillover of the door in a five-star hotel patrons.I am very surprised, five-star hotel customers with mid-range hotel differs very big, why settle for second best, near the five-star, if because full room, can choose the other a five-star hotel.Take this question, I lived for two hotels, each night, to verify my confusion.

Five-star luxury and tall, the adornment of the rich cultural background, spacious room, exquisite interiors are let a person shine at the moment, but the only feeling is not right, far away the distance between you and the hotel staff, they still will be a professional smile, standard posture, pay attention to dress, but always feel us across the mountains, a five-star hotel brings me is extremely meet the physiological, psychological always feel lack of some earthly fireworks but, lack of close communication, the lack of a sense of warmth.And the middle-grade hotel brands lodging experience exactly the opposite, very compact room, not very luxurious decoration, the adornment of the brand, small clear style, let a person find everything new and fresh, the key is inside, from the security guard to the front desk clerk can reveal an amiable smile, a teapot after taking the door, and in telephone pays a return visit, and at night all the little porridge makes people feast for the eyes, and you feel the hotel staff will always be by your side, you can call at any time, your request can get a response in the first time, rather than to make a telephone call on sofa for a long time.

Hotel service come from

I went back to think for a long time, I can let you forget the essence of service is the lack of hardware, forget the unpleasant journey, forget all the fatigue, I wonder why people are willing to spend one thousand yuan to live a mid-range hotel.Is a service, it is warm, is ground, is sincere.Five-star hotel standardized service from their SOP, the middle-grade hotel brand service source is from the SOP, but in what way, show what effect, core source lies in the hotel management, rather than the hotel staff at the local level.I have been to the middle-grade hotel several times, most can meet the general manager of the restaurant, and if I don't know her, but I didn't tell who is the general manager who is ordinary employees, because she is wearing a and grassroots employees the same dress from time to time at the front desk with the check-in, a teapot from time to time in the lobby, and sometimes become a guide, help passenger guide way.Have such a dedicated, general manager of grassroots employees why should I worry about not attentively service.So the core of the hotel revenue comes from the operation, and the core of the operation from the service, the core of the service from the management.

Operation is the core of service

Hotel service quality determines the future of the hotel survival and yield, and high levels of service can offset the lack of hardware to bring and the insufficiency.For the present stage people have higher demands for hotel, travel is not only the hardware will meet expectations, people are willing to pay for the high quality of hotel service to, would you like to go to enjoy the process again, and luxurious hardware is ready to copy, the homogeneity serious hotel market, don't bring too much of a ripple.

The core of the service from the general manager

I had research the middle-grade hotel brand for other stores, it should be said that the service of the restaurant is optimal, so she sold for high prices beyond imagination.Other stores should only be better perform the SOP of the company, and the managing director of the stores by physically close to, will do a better service, inherit and carry forward and inheriting, and infected with everything, so you can see the same from each hotel staff face smile.Can say, brand service core from the founder, service core from the general manager of the store.We see many times, a budget hotel, the middle-grade hotel, international hotel general manager in a suit and tie, a kind of on the face of the guest, you can almost guess the service level of the hotel, also can see the hotel prices do not sell a higher price than his class again.

The source of hotel services from the brand culture

A hotel brand service idea is first from the founder of the hotel company philosophy, founder on the core strategy is to brand has defined, brand culture determines the hotel service, decided the service concept, determine the market positioning.In the economy hotel, good service concept is the performance of standard SOP, because copy decided to product, the product brand attribute decision, don't need too much service content, the goal of such brands is a large-scale replication, you just need to strictly abide by the service standards.But in the middle and high-end hotel market, the meaning of service gradually revealed, in terms of hotel revenue management, investors and brand to the pursuit of higher yields, in the fierce competition in the hotel market environment, service is the only direction to produce a breakthrough.